MONO range.

Eco friendly and 100% recyclable.

Our MONO range covers our references for ECO friendly thermoforming purposes in the luxury packaging industry. MONO consists of a (r)PET base + PET flockfibres, it is a 100% PET material and therefore 100% recycable!

Available in three versions: MonoVelours (soft touch), MonoBoss (textile look), MonoNature (grain finishing). All colours are possible, standard colours or special colour-matching.

MONO is made out of recycled PET post consumer waste and at end-of-life the material will be transformed again to another product, keeping the life cycle going!

The independent institute, the LCA centre, has conducted a study into the environmental impact.

We proudly announce the results from this study:

GWP (kg CO2-eq) CED (mj-eq)
Gloal Warming Potential Cumulative Energy Demand
MonoVelours 0.18 3.28
Moulded paper pulp 0.21 6.67
source: report of study conducted by the LCA Centre

The equivalent savings when changing from moulded paper pulp to our MonoVelours, based on 100.000 inserts:

  • carbon reduction +/- 30.000 km (Ford Fiesta 1.6 TDCI)
  • water saved +/- 300.000 l
  • energy saved +/- 13 average housholds

(source: report of study conducted by the LCA Centre)

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